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by Jenny Parker - Sunday, 25 March 2012, 08:26 AM

A warm welcome to the heartforce members lounge. Providing down to earth tools for heart mastery that assist in piercing through to the truth, the heart of the matter with grace and joy.

The path towards heart mastery in the ultimate inner adventure. Unlike most other schools on planet earth, this one isn’t for learning, it’s for unlearning. You will spend time losing the fear-based stories you have inadvertently clung to all your life. The program of study is a living evolving process, changing with the needs of each student and on the basis of the individual student’s requirements and experiences.

We have lots of different options depending on your level of commitment and the rate at which you would like to accelerate your growth.

To enter this site you will need a username and password. Email info@heartforce.com.au for more information.






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