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Fairy Tales 2We all have our own personal fairy tale. This fairy tale will be comprised of our dreams and our little formula for success that we build out of what we think will make us happy.  It is the vision of our ‘happily ever after’ fantasy. We convince ourselves that if we get these things that we desire and dream of, then we will be fully happy and have achieved the purpose in our lives, the ‘when I, then I’ experience.

We build our fairy tale, often starting from a young age, out of what we see around us and perceive would make us happy. Sometimes these dreams come from such things as society’s expectations, the creed of our family’s expectations, peer pressure and advertising campaigns.

Some people keep pretty much the same fairy tale their whole lives. Other people’s fairy tales change all the time as they try different things and are unable to find the happiness they crave, or are unable to commit to anything past the initial period of enthusiasm.

We can tend to spend a lot of time escaping into our heads, living in our imaginations, catapulted into the future (running away), so not present in our lives now, fantasising about our fairy tale as a coping mechanism, to avoid facing, feeling and dealing with what is really going on for us.

Life is not about dreaming about living a fairy tale that is going to fix everything, it’s about being in acceptance of how our life truly is on the ground here now, embracing the truth of who we really are and allowing ourselves to express that in love. Searching for happiness outside of ourselves will propel us into a never-ending loop of lust, hunting for our next ‘make me happy’ fix.

People’s fairy tales can often end up in disappointment. Some years ago, I found myself in a place where I had fulfilled my fairy tale of having a successful business, of what I thought would make me happy. I was living in London, working in the design industry with the rich and famous and enjoying a disposable income that gave me the freedom to do as I pleased.

It came as quite a shock to discover that I still felt an emptiness inside that I couldn’t fill. I spent some time doing more of what I was doing in an attempt to delete this emptiness. I expanded my business hoping that that would fill the hole, but the emptiness within me only increased.

I realised that fairy tales can never lead to everlasting happiness because they are generated from our mind trying to control life, when it’s not it’s job to do so. I was placing massive limitations on myself.

Our mind has only been around for the duration of this life, it’s like a babe in nappies. We have the opportunity to tap into the infinite wisdom and inspiration of our spirit, that has a much grander plan for us than our mind could ever come up with.

Searching outside myself for things to make me happy was putting the cart before the horse. So, I let it all go, followed my heart and my purpose, embarked upon the journey of a lifetime and learnt to tap into the joy that wells up from the cave of our heart.

Joy is a balanced state of being, devoid of the happy/sad swings, that is generated from the expression of unconditional love without expectation of return, no matter how or what we are feeling.

We radiate this joy from within and then bring this joy, and the rich inner contentment that comes from experiencing this state of being, to everything we be and do.

We stop looking outside of ourselves for happiness, surrender to our heart’s knowing and live the purpose we were designed to fulfil, step by step by step. There are no free lunches. We can’t buy love. Experiencing joy takes hard work and diligent application. Yet the rewards from living life in this way are so very much worth the effort, as a spirit having a human experience.

Some questions for you to ponder if you dare:
⦁    What is your personal fairy tale?
⦁    What do you avoid because it threatens your attachment to your fairy tale?
⦁    What feelings and issues are you trying to running away from?

If you would like help letting go of your personal fairy tales and embracing the majestic vision of your spirit’s guidance for you, please email me, and together we can embark upon the journey of a lifetime.

Inspired from the teachings of Michael King      http://michaelking.id.au/      http://mysteryschool.org.au


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