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universeThere are three fundamental life principles that can transform our lives, and help to align the human being that we inhabit with our spirit and source. When we apply these universal principles, by living, embodying and behaving out of this reflection of the universe, the resulting experience produces a deeper meaning to our previously chaotic events and we are better able to resist the pull and thralldom of the madness in the world - of egos, fear, illusion, glamour, maya etc, and live a life that is full and overflowing with love. We can become more and more of who we truly are, live in harmony with life and naturally align ourselves with universal truth.

There is so much more order in the universe than many imagine. It’s not the random chaotic event that many experience as human beings living in this realm. There are no co-incidences, no accidents, no good luck/bad luck. Chance does not exist. Everything happens for a reason. This doesn’t mean that we do not have a choice, it just means that nothing is random, everything has a cause and nothing escapes the Laws of the Universe.

A key to living from these principles is understanding that the Universe is always unconditionally benevolent and loving and only ever wants the very best for us. We may not get what we think we want but we always get what we need and what we deserve for our evolutionary growth (based on our karma and how we are choosing to live our lives).

The universal principles become quite magical, with everything in our life starting to flow and change, when we embody all three of them simultaneously. Things that seemed like a challenge or a curse, can suddenly become a gift. Where we saw only problems before we can now see solutions and ways forward. A lot of things that we really struggle with can be overcome.

We need to work with them every day so that they become an intrinsic part of who we are. When we do our daily practises (Energetic Hygiene and the Nightly Review), we can tune into the three principles and work to increase their potency. We can also practise them throughout the day.

The more we work with these principles and keep clearing all the issues that get in the way of us living in this state of being, the more natural it becomes.  We get a deeper and deeper experience of these principles until it opens up a whole new relationship with the universe.

By walking the talk in this way, we have an influence on our sphere, which is one of upliftment and enlightenment. This begins to orient us towards the experience of being in the world yet not of it and truly embracing the benevolence of the universe. A life changing experience indeed!

The Three Universal Principles

The first Principle - gratitude, appreciation and humility

Gratitude is a loving appreciation of truth and integrity.
Appreciation is the expression of gratitude combined with the awareness of generosity.
Humility is correct sense of proportion gained through the acknowledgment of how far one has come and the awareness of how far there is yet to go combined with recognition of divine equality.

The second Principle – the source in me greets source in you experience – the holy encounter - Namaste

The same God is in those 'idiots' that are our master teachers as is within us.

The third principle – service to All That Is and the nurturance of all life

How may I ‘give back’ and serve others? What can I bring to the world? Where we move through our life in a way where everything we touch, everyone we talk to, everything we interact with is influenced positively in terms of their ongoing evolution.


1.    When you are doing your daily energetic hygiene, incorporate practising and feeling into the three universal principles. In your nightly review check in to see how well you did with embodying them and where you can improve.
2.    Whenever you have moments of challenge or issues coming up, check in and see what universal principle is missing from your expression and bring this missing principle back into your way of being.


1.    What has been your experience of working with the three universal principles?
2.    What has been your experience of incorporating the three universal principles into your daily practises?
3.    What has been your experience with applying this tool when moments of challenge and issues arise?

Inspired from the teachings of Michael King      http://michaelking.id.au/      http://mysteryschool.org.au

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