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Life Cycle of a TreeWorking proactively with the cycle of growth and learning is an important practise that we need to apply in our daily lives to progress on the path towards heart mastery. Michael King has delineated three phases in this cycle - the realisation, integration and actualisation phase.

We will all be able to relate to the exciting light bulb moments, full of wonder and hope, that have the potential to propel us forward, the ‘ah-ha I get it’ realisations where we receive new insights, understanding, knowing and wisdom, where a light goes on inside as we realise things about ourselves, life and the universe, that we didn’t know before.

This is the easiest phase of the growth cycle that many get stuck in and spend their time continually searching for more ways to receive realisations that make them feel like they are growing, such as reading lots of self-help books, watching YouTube videos, attending workshops and retreats, without translating their realisations into integrated growth on the ground.

All of these activities are an important part of growing and evolving, however embracing the path of love/spirit is much more than a light bulb moment, for this is just the key to the doorway into the new. If we stop at this phase all we have is some more knowledge kicking around in our minds where we are merely talking the talk (know all), and the same insights will keep coming around again and again until we integrate and actualise permanent behaviour change. It’s a bit like playing the piano. You won’t be able to play the piano if you just read books about playing the piano. It takes daily practise and application. There are no shortcuts or free lunches.

To grow, we need to follow through and apply ourselves with consistency and constancy to integrating our new realisations so that there is fundamental change in our behaviour. The integration phase is where we identify all the old behaviours, fears and patterning that don’t support our new growth plans and challenge ourselves by accepting the truth and working hard towards letting go of the old to make way for the new. It’s where we adopt new ways of being, new behaviours and new modes of expression. Daily introspection practises and disciplines, which are a vital part of flowing with the cycle of growth and learning, play a big part in helping us to become aware of the faulty patterns and programming we are running and stay on task with clearing the way for grounding and anchoring new ways of being.

The actualisation phase is where we walk the talk of what we have integrated in a really natural way with new behaviours and how we live our life. We’ve let go of all the things that got in the way of it becoming part of who we are, and now we’ve actualised it to the point where it becomes second nature.

This is where we embrace our new way of being, letting it be seen, shining out, changing the way that we relate to people, where we can give back in some way, by being a living example and holding a presence of our new growth and perhaps assisting others to use that new skill or quality that we’ve integrated and actualised.

Start a realisation/integration/actualisation log in your journal where you make a note of the realisations you receive throughout your day and then keep track of your progress through the integration phase to grounding and actualising these ah-ha moments into a natural state of being where you walk your talk and give back in some way. Spend some time each day reviewing your progress and journaling with any challenges that you encounter. You can use your nightly review time to catch any realisations from your day that may have slipped the net (see Nightly Review resource).

You may like to incorporate this activity with the Victory Log and Gratitude Log in your journal (see the Heal yourself with Journal Writing, Gratitude Log and Victory Log resources).

Questions to Ponder
What was your experience working with this task?
What phase do you get stuck in? And why do you feel this happens?
What came up for you?

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