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Gossip Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Gossiping is a destructive form of communication and one of the most insidious problems that exists in any community. It’s a dangerous tool and we need to be wary of the gossiper, more so than the gossip they’re trying to relay to us, for whoever gossips to us will gossip about us.

 What the gossiper says about us is more of a reflection of them than what they are gossiping about. The idea of having others, who are not involved in any way, discuss the details of our life with other people, catching up on the latest ‘goss’, makes you wonder why they don’t get a life of their own to talk about.

If we gossip about everyone else’s business without their permission, we are disrespecting their privacy. When we speak badly about someone behind their back, criticising and running them down, we are essentially attacking them energetically and violating their personal boundaries without their permission, polluting their energy field with our inappropriate behaviour.  

When sharing about someone else in our communication, we need to honestly review our motives. Is it to criticise? To compare and judge? To make ourselves feel better by putting their achievements down? Is it because we like to be ‘the one in the know’ who hears and repeats all the stories about everyone? Perhaps because we find we have nothing else to talk about? Or because we can’t stand silence and like to fill the space with anything and everything? Needless to say, all these reasons are not good reasons to communicate.

Gossip dies when it enters the ears of the wise – Buddha

This doesn’t mean that we never mention anyone else in our communication. If we speak and share to inspire others from a space of love, provide relevant information, offer great examples of what’s possible, share a story to enrich or inform the other person in a way that serves them or the purpose of our meaningful communication, to celebrate and give thanks…all the good stuff, then our conversation is probably going to be both constructive and non-invasive of others.

We need to be careful who we talk to. A listening ear can also be a babbling mouth. It’s a good policy not to have too many people knowing about every detail of our life, because we don’t need lots of people all having a different opinion, agenda or idea about our life if it does not concern them, invading our energy field with their take on life which may be very limiting and negative, and contaminating our journey (see Energetic Hygiene resource). 

Bringing it back to home base (where all healing takes place), as spirits having a human experience, we need to maintain strong spiritual boundaries with our own ego/mind, and choose not to listen to the gossip that our ego/mind is spurting out either – the doubt, the inner critic, the sabotage patterning, the constant chatter, the analysing and dissecting, beating ourselves up etc. as that behaviour causes a drop in our frequency, thwarts all the good work we have put into our growth and blocks us from truly living our purpose. 

Our life is our own to live and share with the people we chose to share it with and in order to so, we need to discern who we tell what to in all moments, and what we listen to within us, for gossip is spiritual suicide and there is no place for that in mastery.

Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip – Will Rogers


 Inspired from the teachings of Michael King      http://michaelking.id.au/      http://mysteryschool.org.au


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