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DevasMost of us go about our daily lives completely unaware of the purpose of the deeply interconnected relationship we have with the angelic kingdom, and the knowing that our 4 body system (physical/ethic, emotional, mental, soul body) actually possesses a whole team of Devas (which are the lowest order of the angelic kingdom), within it.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the Angelic Kingdom’s job to keep us out of trouble. Just as we, the indwelling spirit, ensoul the body we have been lent by Gaia, it’s the Devas (elemental intelligences) job to ensoul and drive all of the processes which happen in our 4 body system. For instance, there will be a Deva assigned to each organ, such as the heart, liver and lungs. There will be Devas which co-ordinate cellular regeneration, healing processes, digestion, breathing, circulation etc.  

None of these activities and processes are done by us. If we were asked to digest a piece of toast and state exactly how we are going to turn it from a piece of toast to the fully digested remains of it as excrement, we would be hard put to do that!

The human body is a place of many miracles and wonders. All of the things that seemingly happen by themselves in our body are actually the work of these in-dwelling elemental intelligences which is in itself nothing short of magical and sacred.  

When we stop taking it all for granted and become aware of the many processes and transformations that are carried out by our bodies on a daily basis, we can stop the self-destructive behaviours that oppose the forces of nature and instead cooperate with the Devas and embrace life. Working together as a team with these intelligences is a big key to achieving human and spiritual mastery and a crucial step to integrate as part of our practices.

Optimally we need to spend time regularly communing and journaling with the many Devas in our bodies. Allowing them to let us know how they are going and what they need us to do to support our overall health and well being, and then taking immediate action on the insights we receive (not just thinking about it and collecting knowledge in the mind). Once we get comfortable with this process, it can easily become part of our everyday life: “Have a shower, brush my teeth, have a short chat with my liver, listen to what my body is telling me it needs today…”.

Please bear in mind that patience may be required for our team of Devas to trust us again if we have been blocking this communion and abusing our bodies for some time, such as running on our adrenals, indulging in fear, eating the wrong foods, ingesting poisons and criticising ourselves etc.

If we are choosing to grow and evolve then it is time to make peace with our bodies, to go beyond the petty judgments, values and expectations that we have self-righteously placed upon them – it should be taller, smaller, fatter or thinner, it should be all cured, more this and less that. This is the only body we have and it is a sacred tabernacle that our spirit indwells in order to have a human experience. We are as we are for a reason, from karma and the consequences of choices (conscious or unconscious) and the way forward is to be proactive from a place of love and acceptance.

With this simple but potent tool we have the opportunity to really start building an intimate relationship with the devic kingdom and ourselves. Accepting and embracing all of us right here right now just as we are, as part of creation and an evolving project, growing towards ever greater landscapes of love.

TASK: Take some time to sit everyday for at least 10 minutes and relate with your bodies. Feel into your physical, emotional, mental and soul body, one at a time - their energy flows, organs, the blood flowing through your veins, the air absorbed through your lungs, any fear based emotions, negative thoughts, areas of concern etc - and relate with the Devas which are sharing your journey. These beings are conscious and can communicate with you, (though probably not in English, but in ‘feeling language’). Be grateful for the functions they fulfil, and seek to listen to what they have to communicate with you. You may for instance get a sense that your body needs a particular food, or become aware of certain activities in your emotions or mind which need addressing, or notice that your breathing is shallow etc.

In your Journal write down the impressions and insights that you receive and ensure that you follow through with the guidance (see the Heal Yourself with Journal Writing resource to learn more about journaling). You will most likely already have received some nagging impressions in past moments about what needs to be addressed so you can start by making a note of them and following through. You may find it beneficial to log your victories in your victory log (see Victory Log resource) too.

I highly recommend exploring this subject in more depth. You can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book a one-on-one session and/or purchase and listen to the following CD: MK4 Loving and Enjoying Earth Life at http://mysteryschool.net.au/shoppe/


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