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Energetic Hygiene for PetsOur pets are in our care, so we are responsible for their health and wellbeing. As we love, care and nurture our pets, and attend to their needs and physical hygiene, we can also assist them with energetic hygiene. With this service we are tapping into the animal kingdom with more awareness, love and respect and we are helping to raise the bar for the care and wellbeing of animals on a grander scale.

Our pets have a tendency to want to take on our stuff as a service to us. This is something we need to monitor for and NOT allow. Our pets look up to us and will not have our same level of discernment or boundaries, nor will they understand that by taking on our stuff, it is not taking it away for us in the long run. We are responsible for clearing our own issues and are held accountable for the effect our energy has on the planet.

The dysfunction and co-dependency with pets arises when people aren’t taking responsibility for their own clearing and processing and so let their pets take on their stuff. Our pets can end up wearing our mood swings and unresolved emotional baggage that is unconsciously playing out, such as self loathing, fear, anger, rage, sadness, loneliness, depression etc. There are all manner of ways that people dump on their pets so they can feel relieved or soothed by the off-loading, when this is very unhealthy and often fatal for the pets in the short and long term.

Sometimes when people are ill and rely on their pets for company and emotional support, their pets tend to manifest physical illness and organ break down in trying to alleviate their carer’s pain and illness.

Our pets may take on our behaviour and projections and play this out. As an example, a not very happy teenage girl was having a rebellious time with her family. The family cat was very close to her and was generally very sweet and gentle and no trouble at all. Taking on the projections of the teenager as a buffer between her and the other family members, the cat started running around and was very agitated, doing naughty things that she normally did not do, jumping onto shelves and knocking things down, scratching furniture and fly screens. The cat looked unwell, her energy field was murky, and she deteriorated over a couple of days. Upon running cord clearing with the cat, she immediately ran outside and did a huge runny poo and vomited at the same time, came back inside quite exhausted, yet calm and being her gentle sweet self again, as if a weight had been lifted from her. Her energy field was remarkably clearer even though she needed a few days to fully recover. This is a blatant example of how our behaviour and projections can greatly affect our pets however the affects can be more subtle too.

We are not serving our pets by being attached to them, as our attachment repels and pushes away, and whatever we are attached to can be ripped away from us, causing harm to that which we are attached to. Through our attachment to our pets, we can endanger them and open them to energies and projections that are directed towards us and are part of our learning’s, yet would not normally target our pets. We can certainly enjoy, love, appreciate and nurture them, yet have no attachment to them, so as to cause them no harm. We want to create a healthy unconditionally loving space for our pets to learn and grow and have a fulfilling life.

We need to have appropriate boundaries with our pets, just as we do with everyone else, including our partners, family members and children. Our boundaries need to be set so that only frequencies of unconditional love and above can come in or go out of our energy matrix and there can be no exception if we are serious about our growth. If we are experiencing heightened states of love and open up our energy field to our pet it can drag our energy down. By the same token we don’t want our bad hair days to contaminate our pets.

As the elder brothers and sisters to the animal kingdom, we must respect this role and the relationship we have with our pets by treating them with gratitude and strong loving boundaries, while remaining clear and appropriate in our relationship with them. We fully feel and experience the wonderful gifts and blessings we receive so readily and unconditionally from our pets and honour them by being fully conscious of what we are doing with our energy. As love and healing is always a two way thing, we learn much from our pets and our pets learn from us. We lead by example and need to be mature, responsible and accountable for the affect we have on this world and the wonderful kingdoms upon and within her.

Simple Energetic Hygiene with and for our pets

When we are doing our general daily clearing (see Basic Energetic Hygiene resource), we also hold our pets in an unconditionally loving heart space and run clearing for them too. As always, mother/father God, thy will not my will be done, for the highest good of all concerned. We can run the cord clearing, the gold and platinum nets, the violet flame, the golden bubble.

For example this is how we can do cord clearing with our pets: I request now for a golden cylinder of healing, clearing light to fully encompass my pet, moving down over all of its bodies, for the clearing and cleansing of all cords and energy connections, for the clearing of all energy which is not of the pet, which is not in of and for love, to be cleared, released, and returned to its original source with unconditional love.

Requesting for healing/clearing for our pets when needed

With much gratitude and with greatest respect, I request now for my pet to be placed within a healing/clearing focus, mother/father God, thy will not my will be done, for the highest good of all concerned. I call forth for a down pouring of the Violet Flame to flood my pet in the healing, clearing, transformational energy of the Violet Light, cleansing, clearing and transforming all fear into love. I thank you.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a copy of the Basic Energetic Hygiene

Written by Jenny Parker and Nerida Miles on behalf of the Cosmosis® Mentoring Centre © July 2016 Cosmosis® Academy. All rights reserved.

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