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The Importance of Energetic Hygiene and Psychic Protection

How would you expect to feel if you carried around years’ worth of accumulated debris and toxins? Our auric field, which consists of the physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body, will collect mental debris, emotional residue, negative energy, pollutants, energy from others, and stagnant energy etc. Just as we bathe our physical bodies regularly to stay clean, so we need to do the same for our energy system. It is essential that you regularly cleanse and clear your auric field. Just as you protect your house from burglars, so you need to protect your energy fields from negativity. Consistently done, this will make a great difference to how strong you feel and positively influence your ability to not be negatively affected by the energy around you --- both in and out of the workplace. Applying this simple routine holds the potential to transform your life and the key to open you up to an exciting world that deep in your heart, you always knew was accessable.  
 Energetic Cords
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now to book in for your 15 minute complimentary introduction to energetic hygiene (via phone or Zoom) and free resource to continue working with. To delve deeper into this topic go to spirit
Alison GilroyI started doing Jenny’s ‘energetic hygiene’ daily about 4 months ago, after feeling not quite right for several months, and realising that I needed to protect myself from energies while working. The impacts became evident almost straight away, with markedly improved feelings of well being, and generally a much ‘cleaner’ energy surrounding my work, clients, and my relationships with them. An added side benefit was that my client numbers doubled almost immediately.

It just felt a natural fit for me, as I have done work with different coloured lights and ray  clearing my energy for many years, and adding in the daily affirmations about managing my thoughts was a fabulous way to incorporate it all into the one prayer.  Alison Gilroy, Bowen Therapist, Sydney
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