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Bowen Therapy

Live without pain

Isn’t it time you had more energy, less stress, felt 100%

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A dynamic body work technique that is gentle and relaxing. It empowers the body’s own healing resources to attain balance and harmony, resulting in fast, lasting relief from pain and discomfort.

This technique is considered appropriate for anyone from pregnant women to newborn babies, the frail and the elderly and addresses not only the musculo-skeletal framework but also the fascia, nerves and internal organs.

I am no longer doing any bodywork but wanted to leave this page open in appreciation of the immense contribution Bowen has had to my own deep inner healing journey as well as the joyous years of being a part of the healing journeys of the many people who  have crossed my path. All in which has been a wondrous gift. My heartfelt thanks to Tom Bowen and all who have continued his work and made this possible. After trying many different modalities, Bowen therapy was the first form of bodywork I experienced that helped me to heal. The vibrational nature of Bowen hit the spot and led me into becoming a Bowen Therapist. Yet for me it was a steppingstone into my life’s work which is spiritual mentoring. Still part of the healing journey of self and others, just doing it on a different level. 



Jenny’s Bowens keep my body moving, mobile and pain free and enable me to maximise my enjoyment of life.
Dr A Gilroy - anaesthetist, Sydney

I have been seeing Jenny Parker for Bowen treatments for about four years and have had some amazing results from her treatments. Recently I have been treated for carpel tunnel and after 2 visits I now have no pain in my wrists. I was also suffering from nervous tension and my muscles were tight and sore. After a treatment I could feel the tension leaving my body; it’s an amazing experience, I feel calm, relaxed and a sense of well being.  I have found Jenny to be a very compassionate and caring person with amazing insight which is bringing me back to a state of homeostasis.
Lorraine Cochrane - Assistant Nurse, Perth
I originally came to Jenny for Bowen Therapy for some physical pain I was experiencing. Pretty soon the sessions moved on to incorporate the source behind the pain. With Jenny’s guidance I came to realise that my pain and symptoms were related to fear. One of my fears was related to flying. I fly a fair bit and as I have got older my fear of flying has increased. Weeks before I used to fly I would get nervous and anxious. This time with a long round the world 14 flights trip planned, I went to see a hypnotherapist and got some help and breathing exercises but it didn’t deal with the underlying cause. Jenny’s healing into wholeness work cleared me of the fear and I took 14 flights with far less anxiety. I continue to go to Jenny now to help me with adjusting to my transition to retirement. With all the issues that surface during our sessions I am very comfortable in talking to Jenny about them.
Teri – retired solicitor, Perth

I have been interested in spirituality for a long time, but I didn’t understand the importance of psychological clarity on this path until I started working with Jenny. When I first went to her I was in a lot of physical pain from a car accident 3 years prior. I was nervous when driving, worried about everything, had a lot of anger about my ex-husband and couldn’t speak about my deceased Mother of 13 years without crying. I now have no physical pain, I’m at ease when I am driving, I can talk about my Mum, have stopped worrying, and no longer judge my ex-husband.  I have just taken on a big expansion in my business and I feel really confident. These days Jenny is helping me open my heart to radiate love, and clear the fear that stops me from achieving this.
Marta Ulloa – Owner, Luminous IPL Beauty Salon, Perth



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